Below is a complete list of our bushwalking trip reports, organised by region, which will hopefully make it a little easier for you to find some inspiration for your next adventure!

Our articles do not provide detailed track notes (you can find this information if you want it on sites like Tom Brennan’s or Wildwalks), rather they about giving a glimpse into some of the exciting places that are out there to explore, without taking the mystery and adventure out of them.

Most of our trips require a reasonable level of walking and navigational experience. Often they are completely off-track, in remote wilderness. You should always carry a map and compass, and be able to use them.

Finally, make sure you practice minimal impact bushwalking principles as outlined by the bushwalkers’ code of ethics, leaving these areas as good or better than you found them so they can remain pristine for future generations.

Upper Blue Mountains:

Lower and Mid Blue Mountains:

Kanangra / Kowmung:

Blue Breaks / Yerranderie:

Wollemi National Park:

Nattai National Park:

Royal National Park:

Northern Sydney:

The Budawangs:


Snowy Mountains:


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