About the Fat Canyoners

The Fat Canyoners are simply a handful of friends drawn together by two things: a love of nature and a lack of fitness (well, actually only a couple of us fall into the second category).

Born out of the deranged ramblings of a multi-day canyoning trip on the Bungleboori many years back, the heat and fatigue led us to not only curse the effects of age, office work and family on our physiques, but also develop an impromptu Fat Canyoners theme song (drunken renditions occasionally available around a camp fire).

This website started as a place to post trip reports and photos from some of our journeys, covering everything from easy day trips to long multi-day efforts, with a mix of canyoning, bushwalking, and other outdoor pursuits depending on the season.

You can follow our latest adventures — and get updates about new reviews and advice — by subscribing to our RSS feed or entering your email address over on the sidebar. You can also find us on Facebook and YouTube.

Despite the joking origins of the Fat Canyoners — and the regular instances of nudity (or perhaps because) — the site is apparently so culturally significant that the National Library of Australia archives it for posterity (or for the posteriors).

We’ll let Homer Simpson have the last word on why it is we do what we do (which is only fitting as T2 once had a woman tell him he was her perfect man because he reminded her of Homer).