This page isn’t about providing detailed trip notes about canyons, with information on navigation and abseil lengths (you can find that here), rather it is a central compilation of some of the canyons around Sydney we have enjoyed exploring.

These trip reports will give some insight into what you can expect, often with photos, but they leave enough vague areas to ensure you don’t loose that sense of wonder and amazement that should be experienced the first time you enter one of these incredible places.

Remember, canyons are fragile places, often hidden away in significant wilderness areas. Always practice minimal impact principles. Try and leave them as you find them. Don’t mark tracks, place cairns, install bolts, install unnecessary slings or leave anything behind. Aim to ensure these places remain pristine for future generations. Adhere to the canyoners code of ethics.

Wollangambe / Mt Wison:

Carmarthen Labyrinth:


Newnes Plateau:



North Grose:

South Grose:

Jamison Valley:



Abseiling trips:

Wilderness canyons:

No names are given for these canyons, which are in remote wilderness areas. Please do not publish specific details on canyons in these regions.


One thought on “Canyon-ography

  1. Hi

    great website for canyons around sydney. I am currently living in brisbane and wondered if you know of any canyons in northern nsw /southern queensland???

    Any info much appreciated


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