Goulburn / Southern Highlands / Canberra

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Shiva Indian Restaurant – Mittagong    
The food is great quality and the chef is fully Sikh. Perfect for pre or post ski trip and if you call ahead they will cook so your food is ready when you arrive.
(02) 4872 3292 – 111 Old Hume Highway

Mittagong Hotel    
Friendly service, great variety menu (including Tapas during the week and multiple roasts options on sunday), cider on tap. Chef Euloge Rivera has built a reputation as one of the best Tapas chefs in the country. What more can you want from Mittagong (although the Chinese next door also smells damn good)…
(02) 4872 2228 – 89-91 Main Street

Mittagong RSL    
Not particularly cheap for an RSL, but quick service.
(02) 4872 6700 – Cnr Old Hume Highway & Bessemer Street

Greengrocer Café – Goulburn    
Awesome wood fired pizza, great salads and desserts. You can also pick up some nice fruit and veg (or the odd boutique road or mountain bike). Not open past 6pm except Thursday and Friday evenings.
(02) 4821 0099 – 37 Clifford St

Thai Bank restaurant – Goulburn    
Great Thai food and very friendly staff. Open until 9:30pm Tuesday to Sunday.
(02) 4822 0899 – 141 Auburn St

Lilac city motel Steakhouse – Goulburn    
Extensive choice of steaks, including the 2kg Big D ($69) which if you finish it along with the Salad, Chips or Vegetables will result in a Steakhouse Plaque being created in your honour. Sunday to Thursday there is a two-course menu for $19.50. Opens 6pm.
(02) 4821 5000 – 126-128 Lagoon Street

Goulburn Workers Club    
It use to have good, cheep food, but is now under new management. Let us know how it is if you go there!
(02) 4821 3355 – 236 Auburn Street

Terminus Hotel – Marulan    
The closest pub to Bungonia and therefore a staple. Does Sunday roasts until 14:30 so have yet to be tasted. They do however keep the fire cranking thorughout the night which is most welcome. If their kitchens closed the fish ‘n’ chip shop a few doors down the road’s reasonably priced and can be consumed with a beer in hand (but only outside on the big ol’ wooden tables). They also do a great value for money cup of coffee/hot chocolate.
(02) 4841 1504 / 0407 293 265 – 54 George Street

ANU Food Co-op – Acton (Canberra)    
A great place to stock up on all things wholesome, organic, and delicious. They stock bulk wholefoods in big drums, with every flour, grain and legume under the sun, fresh fruit and vegies, and a very comprehensive DIY scroggin station. Also has a cafe with really good coffee and vegetarian lunches for $4.
(02) 6230 7505 – 3 Kingsley St

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