Lower Blue Mountains

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Springwood Pizza: (6/10)
240 Macquarie Road, Springwood — (02) 4751 5187

Cheap, fast and tasty. Open fairly late on weekends.

Oriental Hotel (The Ori): (6/10)
112 Macquarie Road, Springwood — (02) 4751 7788

Food is a little on the pricey side, but they have beer. Not the most relaxed pub in the mountains.

Bunker: (7/10)
150 Macquarie Road, Springwood — (02) 4751 6615

Not the place for a dirty canyoner, but a good spot for a nice (but pricey) dinner and cocktails.  Modern Australian food. Live music on Friday and Saturday nights.

Finn & Co. Cafe: (7/10)
107 Macquarie Road, Springwood — (02) 4751 9961

Good locally roasted coffee. Open 7am including weekends. Would appeal to the hipster crowd, but good if you need an early coffee on the way up the mountains.


The Lapstone Hotel (The Lapo): (7/10)
15 Great Western Highway, Blaxland — (02) 4739 1266

Food is generally good quality, but can be pricey. Never a comment about dress, except for when a 9-year-old in stinky thermals with crusty blood on his head from a leech attack turned up.

Monte Pizzeria: (5/10)
15 Great Western Highway, Blaxland — (02) 4739 6969

Opposite the Lapo, and still serving after the bistro closes. Reasonable food at a reasonable price.

Michaelangelo’s Italian Restaurant: (8/10)
176 Great Western Highway, Blaxland — (02) 4739 0485

This fancy modern Italian restaurant has opened a wood fired pizza section. While technically the pizza is for takeaway only, there are a couple of outside tables which can be utilised. The pricey but delicious inside restaurant probably wouldn’t take too kindly to dirty canyoners. Not open Sundays.

Blaxland Thai Restaurant: (4/10)
132 Great Western Highway — (02) 4739 1417

Reasonably priced Thai food, but clearly aimed at an Anglo crowd. Sweet rather than spicy.

Thai Ruk Thai: (5/10)
17 Great Western Highway, Blaxland — (02) 4739 0273

Slightly less sweet than the other Blaxland Thai place. Reasonably priced. Near the Lapo.

Dan’s Coffee Haus: (6/10)
144 Great Western Highway, Blaxland — (02) 4739 9134

If you’re headed up the mountains, this is the first coffee stop without having to get off the highway. Good coffee and the breakfast wraps are also good. Open from 6am weekdays, 8am weekends.


Glenbrook Takeaway: (6/10)
31 Ross Street, Glenbrook — (02) 4739 1837

Reasonable fish and chips.

Kickaboom: (4/10)
6 Ross Street, Glenbrook — (02) 4742 5847

Previously the Jazz Apple Cafe, this place has been renovated and is under new ownership. All the character has been removed and it’s now a beige hipster joint. The coffee is good though.

Bakehouse on Wentworth: (7/10)
3/31 Park Street, Glenbrook — (02) 4739 2288

Excellent pies and good coffee. Open early on weekends and public holidays.

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