Kanangra — Oberon

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Halfway Hotel: (7/10)
Jenolan Caves Road, Hampton — (02) 6359 3302

Good pub-style food at reasonable prices. Canyoner friendly, no matter how stinky you may be. For the meat lovers you can’t go past the Shearers Special.

Jenolan Caves:

Caves House: (1/10)
Jenolan Caves Road, Jenolan Caves — (02) 6359 3311

In our opinion, there’s no reason to stop here. Crowded, expensive, and poor quality food. Keep on driving to Hampton or Oberon.


The Royal Hotel: (8/10)
113 Oberon Street, Oberon — (02) 6336 1011

We turned up late with a large group right as the kitchen was closing once, and instead of sending us away they called in another cook. It’s been my pub of choice ever since. Good food, big serves, affordable prices. Sometimes closed on Sunday nights, so make sure you phone ahead.

Peter’s Cafe: (7/10)
107 Oberon Street, Oberon — (02) 6336 1154

Good quality takeaway. Will take phone orders if you want to save time while passing through. Best of all, it has a wood fire to keep you cosy when it’s cold outside.

Dj’s Cafe & Takeaway: (1/10)
169 Oberon Street, Oberon — (02) 6336 1528

Ultimate food regret. A rump steak, medium rare, was ordered. What arrived was something tougher than an old pair of Scarpas. It had clearly been defrosted in the microwave for too long so had already half cooked, then been thrown onto the hotplate where the end of the cremation took place.

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