Central West

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Jack Duggans Irish Pub – Bathurst    
Excellent hearty meals according to the locals.
(02) 6331 2712 – 135 George Street

Gazza’s Takeaway – Bathurst    
If hamburgers are your thing this is the place to head. Excellent hearty meals according to the locals. In Bentinck St.
(02) 6331 4667 – 110 Bentinck Street

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This guide is based on the first-hand experiences we’ve had, along with feedback from other bushwalkers, canyoners and outdoor enthusiasts. The more people that provide suggestions, feedback, and personal experiences, the more useful the guide will be for all of us.

When making a submission, think about the factors that make a place particularly convenient following a trip. Is it open reasonably early or late? Is it located close to places you’re likely to drive through? Are the staff friendly and welcoming, particularly when it involves dirty, stinky, outdoors-people? And perhaps most importantly, does it have good food at affordable prices?

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