Capertee — Rylstone — Glen Davis

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29 Nine 99 Yum Cha and Teahouse: (10/10)
28 Louee Street, Rylstone — (02) 6379 1984

Seriously amazing dumplings. Worth making the drive over from Glen Davis on a rest day or if you finish early (or any other time you are in the area). Friendly to dirty canyoners. Call ahead when you get reception if you’ve got a bigger group and they’ll set aside a table if able. Open for lunch until 3pm. Highly recommended!

Saffron Kitchen: (8/10)
47 Louee Street, Rylstone — 0407 531 520

Great spot for a dirty chai and a breakfast burger. Friendly service and good quality food.


Royal Hotel: (7/10)
67 Castlereagh Highway, Capertee — (02) 6359 0172

This place brings together the best elements of a good country pub. Good food, good prices, friendly atmosphere, and even some couches that you can chill out on after a hard day.

Glen Davis:

Jade’s Cafe: (7/10)
1 Canobla Avenue, Glen Davis — (02) 6379 7372

The old Glen Davis Hotel now runs a cafe on Saturday’s between 10am and 4pm. Good coffee and cakes, not to mention a great chance to look inside the most impressive building in town.

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