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Monkey Creek Cafe – Bell    
Run by the Mad Hatter, this cafe is incredibly well positioned, with great views, an environmentally friendly design and good coffee. Unfortunately it’s a bit overpriced, charging gourmet prices for what is still fairly ordinary tucker. Open Fri – Sun.
(02) 4567 2222 – 227 Chifley Road

The Potager – Mt Tomah    
Set in the middle of the stunning Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens, it has good food in a spectacular setting. Now that the park entry fee has been scrapped it makes this a handy place to stop after visiting the nearby canyons. Pricey. Only open for breakfast and lunch. A nice option if you get rained out.
(02) 4567 2575 – Bells Line of Road

Pie in the Sky – Bilpin (3.5 star)

Great homemade pies, right on Bell’s Line. Handy outside toilet.

(02) 4567 8921 – 1858 Bells Line of Road

Bilpin Afire – Bilpin
The old Apple Bar, now a bar & grill and wood fired pizza place. It looks fancy. We haven’t been since it changed name.
(02) 4567 0335 – 2488 Bells Line of Road

Cottage Orchard Caffe – Bilpin    
They don’t serve meals, but if you’re after a good espresso coffee on the way back from Mt Wilson and great home-made apple pies, baked daily, you can’t go wrong. Often the last shop open on Bells.
(02) 4567 2193 – 3158 Bells Line of Road

Archibald Hotel  – Kurrajong Heights
The old Kurrajong Heights/ City View Bistro. Meals aren’t as good as they used to be.  Service isn’t always quick but gives you the chance to enjoy a beer and the sparkling lights of Sydney. Very canyoner friendly.
(02) 4567 7140 – 1349 Bells Line of Road

Thai Lai Krarm – North Richmond    
Well priced, delicious food. Thai mains for $12.50. Great service, even when you work up in filthy clothes and with leech bloodied feet!
(02) 4571 3654 – 4 / 30 Bells Line of Road

The Bakehouse – North Richmond     
Great meeting place, but after two bouts of food poisoning from their pies I prefer to buy from My Dad’s Bakery 50m away in the shopping centre. Both have a good selection of pastries. Open early.
(02) 4571 1545 – 6/35 Bells Line of Road

My Dad’s Bakery – North Richmond    
A reasonably good bakery, with everything you need for a quick breakfast on the drive through.
(02) 4571 1661 – Shop 12 / 21 Bells Line of Road

Redskins Burger Hut – North Richmond    
Fine purveyors of well priced grease. I once went here on the way to a long weekend of canyoning after being ill for a few days and their burger completely cured me.
Shop 1&2 / 21 Bells Line of Road

Royal Family Hotel – Richmond    
Large wooden tables, perfect for a large group, and massive meals. The scotch fillet comes highly recommended and they’re not precious about dress codes.
(02) 4578 1011 – 163 Windsor Street

Macquarie Pizza Place – Richmond    
Late night option on Windsor St. Open until 11pm Sunday to Thurday and midnight on Friday and Saturday.
(02) 4578 3686 – 144 Windsor Street

Tandoori Village – Richmond    
A nice alternative to a pub. Very acceptable Indian and not too fussed by attire. Air-conditioning can be a bit overpowering.
(02) 4578 7788 – 16 – 24 East Market Street

Aldo’s – Richmond    
Fully licensed pizza and pasta place. Very big servings and not fazed by what you’re wearing.
(02) 4578 1525 – 296 Windsor Street

McDonalds – Richmond    
No beer and bad food, but a good meeting place, open late, and you couldn’t look / smell any worse than their usual clientele.
Cnr East Market St & March Streets

Macquarie Arms Hotel – Windsor    
Good grub, if a little pricey. Allegedly home to the world’s best mushroom sauce with the Sunday roast. The outback bakery is meant to be pretty good.
(02) 4577 2206 – 99 George Street

Wombat Cafe – Gunderman (near Wisemans Ferry)    
Claims to sell Australia’s biggest burger (size options go up to the 2.4kg ‘Big Double Wombat’) as well as an epic 1.1kg bacon and egg roll. Only open weekends and public holidays.
(02) 4566 3181 – 6135 Wisemans Ferry Road

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