Good Grub Guide

There is nothing more deserved after a hard day stumbling through the bush, swimming through a canyon, clambering up some crags, paddling a river or squeezing into a cave than an ice-cold beer and generous sized feed in comfortable surroundings. After more than a few dud experiences with bad food, poor service, and management who were less than welcoming of dirty, smelly customers, we decided to launch this guide.

We have organised venues into common geographic regions: the kind of areas where outdoor enthusiasts from the greater Sydney region are likely to find themselves. Each establishment receives an overall star rating and a short summary of people’s experiences there. Those that are our particular favourites get a thumbs up, while those we have vowed never to return to after particularly bad experiences get a skull and crossbones. Best of all, we include the phone numbers for all of them, so you can call ahead to double check they are open and have room for your group.

Good Grub Guide by region:

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This guide is based on the first-hand experiences we’ve had, along with feedback from other bushwalkers, canyoners and outdoor enthusiasts. The more people that provide suggestions, feedback, and personal experiences, the more useful the guide will be for all of us.

When making a submission, think about the factors that make a place particularly convenient following a trip. Is it open reasonably early or late? Is it located close to places you’re likely to drive through? Are the staff friendly and welcoming, particularly when it involves dirty, stinky, outdoors-people? And perhaps most importantly, does it have good food at affordable prices?

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