The Fat Canyoners’ Good Grub Guide

Welcome to the 2013 edition of the Good Grub Guide, which now includes more venues, more regions, and has been “smart phone optimised” to make it easier to use the website when you are on the road!

We believe there is nothing more deserved after a hard day stumbling through the bush, swimming through a canyon, clambering up some crags, paddling a river or squeezing into a cave than an ice-cold beer and generous sized feed in comfortable surroundings. After more than a few dud experiences with bad food, poor service, and management who were less than welcoming of dirty, smelly customers, we decided to launch this guide.

We have organised venues into common geographic regions: the kind of areas where outdoor enthusiasts from NSW are likely to find themselves. Each establishment receives an overall star rating and a short summary of other people’s experiences there. Those that are particular favourites get a thumbs up, while those we have vowed never to return to after particularly bad experiences get a skull and crossbones. Best of all, we include the phone numbers for all of them, so you can call ahead to double check they are open and have room for your group.

Good Grub Guide by region:

Download a PDF of the Good Grub Guide:

  • A5 booklet – a compact version that’s perfect for the car glovebox
  • A4 guide book  – a larger version with bigger print

(When printing the A5 version, simply print the odd pages, then flip over the paper and print the even pages. You should end up with double sided pages that can be folded in half and stapled down the middle.)

This guide only exists thanks to the dutiful reconnaissance of dozens of outdoor enthusiasts who’ve generously shared their food experiences, good and bad. It is a constantly evolving project, with updates to old places and new venues being added, but to make it work well we need your help.

Email your suggestions to Please include the venue’s name, suburb, a suggested star rating and a short summary of your experiences there.

(P.S. if you want to see how much things have changed over the last three decades, take a look through the SUBW food guide from February 1983: “101 places to chew and spew after you’ve had a few”.)


8 thoughts on “The Fat Canyoners’ Good Grub Guide

    • Roger, I was defeated technically on this front, but we have incorporated a link on each entry that will take you direct to google maps to help people navigate to their food source of choice!

  1. I’m not sure when you were there, but last time I was at the Imperial, Mt Victoria, the food was pretty ordinary. This was back in July, and it had apparently just changed hands.

  2. I know a bloke (the Mad Hatter) who’s just opened a place on Bell’s LOR at Dargan he calls the Monkey Creek cafe. We tried it and while the coffee’s good – it’s overpriced to buggery. He’s a smart lad, so he’ll figure it out (or the market will ruthlessly do so for him) if he’s to survive. It’s in a great location, (especially for adventurers), great views, and is well designed, environmentally spot-the-dog, and has everything going for it, but he’s charging gourmet prices for what is really at this early stage pretty ordinary tucker..

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