Canyon closures

UPDATED — 19/12/2014

When planning a canyoning trip, always ensure the canyons you are planning to visit are open. Bushfires, extreme weather conditions, hazard reduction burns, landslides, planned track work, emergency operations and a range of other events can lead to temporary closures. Unfortunately, ignorance is not a defence, and serious penalties or even criminal prosecutions can occur in certain cases.

Below is a list of current canyon closures, organised by region. (Always double-check current closure information on the NPWS website, as well as potential bushfire risks on the RFS websites, before heading on a trip).

Canyons with current access issues:

Blue Mountains:

  • Boars Head abseil and Whores Bed Canyon are temporarily inaccessible due to a recent bushfire.


  • Long-term closure of Minnamurra Canyon due to environmental impacts


  • Long-term closure of Spring Creek Canyon due to risks posed by rock-fall

Other track closures affecting canyoners:

  • The Pipeline Track remains closed near Glen Davis, although canyons can still be accessed from the Newnes side
  • Old Claustral Canyon access via Mt Tomah has been permanently closed due to private property. The new route enters from west of Mt Bell.

One thought on “Canyon closures

  1. Hey Tim – exit from Yileen Canyon via Hungerfords track is OK to use as that section of track was not damaged in the fire. Pierces Pass down to the Grose River remains closed.

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