The Goon Sack

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– Bjorn Sturmberg

A bit of a classic. Nothing says class like a goon sack.

But in all honesty, the goon sack has been a staple of bushwalking for decades as a super light, extremely cheap water container.

The downfalls of this choice are pretty obvious;

  • puncture potential – this can have serious consequences and the material sure is thin, but I have not had a goon bag get punctured in many years of use. BUT be careful, if you value the dryness of the contents of your backpack and your water supply treat your goon sack and the pack it’s in with care.
  • taste – only really a problem if you don’t like the taste of watered down wine…. For the record it does eventually disappear. Bi-carb soda rises help, but time and use are the only assured solution.

Stand out advantages include;

  • Price – free.
  • Multiuses – can double as a comfortable pillow (comfort level proportional to goon/water ratio).
  • Green cred – nothing says ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ like reusing a goon bag as a water container (with bonus points for reuse as pillow).
  • Weight – it’s pretty light!
  • Upgradeable – you can replace the inner of the sea to summit pack tap with goon sack if the original degrades/punctures.

So there you go have it a classic, cheap, ultra-light, student compatible, piece of bushwalking gear.

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