Katoomba Airfield is a public land inholding in the Blue Mountains National Park sitting above the Grand Canyon, Jugglers canyon and Grose Valley.

There is a long history of agreement from Blue Mountains City Council, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and Crown Lands that the airfield should be incorporated into the Blue Mountains National Park with continued use for emergency purposes.

Instead the Dept of Industry is considering granting a commercial lease over the airfield to a private aviation tourism company for things such as helicopter scenic flights. Proposed flight paths are directly over the Grose Wilderness!

WHAT YOU CAN DO? -WRITE NOW! Sign the petition!

Whether you live in Australia or not! – all submissions are valid. SUBMSISIONS CLOSE 4th August!

Here’s how to make a submission.

Here is the change.org petition.

There’s three main messages we aim to get across, it is best to put them in your OWN words. Also include anything else you are concerned about.

  1. OBJECT to any COMMERCIAL lease for this PUBLIC land
  2. This land should be PUT INTO THE NATIONAL PARK
  3. Keep the airfield for EMERGENCY USE ONLY

For more information visit: https://bluemountains.org.au/katoomba-airfield.shtml or ourblueys.org

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