Coorongooba time capsule: photos recovered after two years lost in canyon

Christmas came early this year for Kshitij, with the Olympus Tough TG-2 camera that he lost deep in a canyon on New Years day almost two years ago resurfacing.

What made the find remarkable wasn’t just that the camera was located at all, but that the SD card (and therefore all the photos) had survived two years of being pummelled every time heavy rain hit the canyon. And to add to the cyclical nature of canyoning, the camera contained photos of an exploratory Sydney Uni Bushwalkers (SUBW) canyoning trip in the Coorongooba Creek area north of Glen Davis, was lost on a SUBW canyoning trip through a branch of Freshwater Creek the following day, and was then found by Paul Griffiths on a third SUBW canyoning trip. Definitely proof that outdoor clubs look after their own!

Below are a selection of some of Kshitij’s recovered photos from the Coorongooba trip. You can also read Felix’s trip report if you want to know more about what we did out there.

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  1. Extraordinary! I had a similar experience recently inland from Batemans Bay, clearing an old trail to rejuvenate a walk not done for many years. I found an old Nikon camera with film inside. Neither the film nor the camera were salvageable though.

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