Capertee canyoning

Party: Felix, David, Al, Katy, Martin, Anna, Denis

It was a smaller group that pressed on for another canyon than the day before.

We decided to explore a ‘canyon’ none of us had previously visited, on the other side of the Capertee River from where we had been yesterday.

We scrambled up the cliff line, enjoying the spectacular views of the Capertee Valley below. Once at the top we headed towards the creek we intended to descend. In an alcove along the way we found a leaf tail gecko, and there was also some fantastic tree sap that had managed to ensnare a number of unknowing ants.

We climbed up high into the catchment and then decided to abseil down into the creek. It wasn’t much of a creek at this point, as there wasn’t really any water flowing on the surface.

We walked down through an open section and then abseiled into a small constriction. It was difficult but possible to avoid the water at the bottom and I think we all made it around safely.

We then had several impressive pitches to drop down through the cliff line.

On the way back, we received the bad news that Cheeks, Rick and Robyn’s cockatiel, had been killed by a goanna. I think everyone was a little upset as the bird had a strong and likeable character and he had certainly been a central part of the camp the afternoon before.

Oliver with Cheeks the day before

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