A nude day walk in the Blue Mountains

The weather forecast had been spectacular all week — clear blue skies and above-average temperatures — but the reality as I drove up the mountains was even better.

A few people from the club had been suggesting that I should actually run a nude trip, rather than just surprising people with some impromptu nakedness when the conditions were right, so with a free day coming up and the promise of a sunny outlook ahead this trip was born.

At its peak we have about six or seven people locked in, but nerves must have gotten the best of a few of them because between work commitments, missed trains and failed alarm setting we were left with just three in the group. I wasn’t too bothered; I’d have been more than happy to do it alone.

One of the rocky outcrops that make up The Pinnacles

We drove out the dirt road towards Mt Hay, which probably made my companion a little uncertain as he’d never even met me before.

I parked at the start of our track to wait for our third and final trip member, who arrived within a couple minutes.

Once together it was time to strip off. The newest member of the group said he’d rather keep his kit on, which was fine, as he wasn’t in the slightest bit bothered by our naked, Rubenesque forms.

Being brave, we left our clothes behind, ensuring that if we did stumble on people there was no chance of covering up.

Looking down Fortress Creek to the Grose Gorge

It felt amazing to strip off, with a slight crispness still left in the morning air chilling our bare flesh. It didn’t last though, with our bodies soon warming up as we began to walk through the open heathland while the full sun streamed down on us.

For a group of nude guys, the walk was perfectly chosen, with enough homoerotic sounding places along the way to entice a few giggles. The plan was to head from The Pinnacles to Lockley Pylon, before lunching on Du Faur Head, all of which I deemed to be suitably phallic sounding.

Of course there were downsides, with three or four snakes almost stumbled upon as we walked (apparently being naked means you squeal louder and jump higher when you spot a creature slithering underfoot!) I’d like to think the added fear was about not wanting to have to explain to the situation to emergency services personnel had we needed rescue.

We paused for a couple photos on the way out, looking over Fortress Creek to our south and Rocky Points Ravine to the north, but otherwise made great time to our destination. Below Lockley Pylon we paused to explore a few caves, which have been carved into several layers of the cliff, finding one particularly pleasant overhang complete with a stash of firewood.

Once on top we could survey the magnificent views over the Grose Valley. Just a few kilometres away near Blackheath we could see the spots where hoards of tourists would have been crowding to see the same view, but where we were it felt like the whole world belonged to us.

The views here are incredibly expansive, and continue in every direction, with the plunging cliffs near Mt Hay, Mt Banks and the Fortress probably the most impressive.

Photo-pfaffing from a nice rocky outcrop a short way along the track

We decided to take a break from the track, following the steep ridge down towards a small gully. As we went the views changed, with glimpses of the white ribbon of Bridal Veil Falls across the valley and then the impressive waterfall at the end of Fortress Creek.

In the gully we explored some impressive overhangs, climbed down into a miniature canyonish section of a couple metres, and admired the plunging drop into the valley hundreds of metres below.

We returned via the next minor ridge, walking through the almost alpine stunted plants and past intricate ironstone-banded rocks.

Looking towards Blackheath, where the tourists crowd to see the same views

Back on the track we went past Lockley Pylon again then out Du Faur Head to just before it really starts dropping away, pausing when we found a sunny rock platform to stop at for lunch.

The spot was pretty hard to top, with the warm, almost still air, the crisp autumn blue sky, the sunlit escarpments and plunging gorge below.

After partaking in a relaxed feed, pointing out areas of interest, scrambling on the rocky outcrop and modifying the romantic messages left by some lovestruck walker, the fact that I had to get to work later in the afternoon forced us to move.

We packed up and set off back along the track, making even better time than on the way out, powering along with only a few short sections where the spiky growth made things slightly unpleasant.

Back at the cars it felt a little disappointing to be getting dressed again, and if I hadn’t needed to make a stop in Leura before heading home I’d have seriously considered remaining in a natural state a little longer. I did kick the shoes off, so at least my feet got to be bare.

Mt Hay towering over the Grose River

It was amazing to think we’d been able to spend a day just a few kilometres from civilisation, walking about 8 kilometres on a managed track to a spectacular spot, yet not seen a soul.

I loved the experience, and thanks to the stunning weather it was even better than expected. Given how good it was, you can pretty much guarantee I’ll run some similar walks again in future.

The final approach to Lockley Pylon
The efforts of an over-zealous cairn builder on the summit
The gorge plunges about 600m down from this point
The impressive waterfall at the end of Fortress Creek
Exploring the small gully south of Lockley Pylon
The ramparts of Fortress Ridge tower over the valley

A rainbow danced in the spray of the waterfall
Looking down from the end of our little creek
Looking along Walford Walls to Mt Hay from Du Faur Head
Eyeing off Boorong Crags, Mt Hay Wall and Kolonga Walls
Andres couldn’t resist changing the first letter to a T when he saw this
Scrambling on rocks below our lunch spot
One final glimpse of Mt Hay

33 Replies to “A nude day walk in the Blue Mountains

  1. Looking at the ‘lunch scramble’ pic above – gives a whole new dimension to “3 points of contact” eh? 🙂

  2. The downside to living in Adelaide and not Sydney.

    Top work. A sunny day at this time of year would almost need to be essential hey.


  3. Thanks for all the feedback. I’m glad you all enjoyed it. Keep an eye out on the facebook page as I’ll definitely organise another one of these walks… although it will probably be in spring when things have warmed back up a little!

  4. I have walked nude around the area to the left on the way to anvil rock up on those hilltops and also down at coxes rd walk from the Hartley Vale end. GOod pics guys. Ill jion you. add me on facebook as refreshme@live.com

  5. Great stuff, nothing like getting back to nature & enjoying the sunshine all over! should be more of it!

  6. The scrambling on the rocks in particular, makes me feel giddy, just sitting here, looking at the screen! 🙂

  7. id be keen two walk with you guys some time soon..m 48……..then maybe on 2rd walk my wife/daugts wood come …?

  8. Hey folks,
    We’re more than happy to have new people come along on our trips.
    We’re all bushwalkers who happen to enjoy the freedom to be naked in nature (which can include anything from a quick skinny dip to an entirely nude walk). We organise most of our trips through the Sydney Uni Bushwalkers. You can join the email list here: http://www.subw.org.au/about/lists.html
    Keep an eye out on those emails and you’ll definitely find out about any nude trips we are planning in future (which should kick off from Spring as the weather improves).

  9. if your ever in America and need some where like that to take a hike go to blue ridge mountains ins north Carolina. Most people just walk or go bird watching. I have no see no signs saying cloths have to be warn. but your so deep in the woods it should not matter

    1. OK guys the time is now to get out and plan another nude day walk. I would love to meet and join you in this. I could bring other mates too. What do you think? Just post a time and place. I can suggest some good remote walks too. Cheers Nick

      1. Nick, the weather is spectacular at the moment. A couple of us were talking about this the other day. There will definitely be something happening in the next month or so!
        And we’d love to hear some of your walk suggestions too.

      2. Cool! Well Hartley Vale has a nice walk off Hartley Vale Rd near coxes rd going up the side of the mountain. It was one of the attempts to make a pass up the side of the Mountain. No one goes there but its really picturesque and I have nude walked there before. Its great.
        You already went to Mt Blackheath- another of my favs. Also around near wave rock at Anvil Rock Lookout is also good for shorter walks.
        Personally a midweek nude Govetts Gorge walk would be a hoot. 🙂
        Also around Deep Pass in The Wollomi National Park near Newnes mid week is good.

  10. HARRY HOPKINS says:
    October 21, 2012 at 1:21 pm
    We walk nude from Bundeena to Wattamolla frequently on winter weekdays. Just liberating. Fantastic. No one objects. Just cheerful hellos. There’s shade at Little Marley…so stop there for lunch break, swim there and, if safe, we will have swum at Big Marley too. Then dress just before Wattamolla because the track goes through carpark. Strip off again once I am past the carpark. A great track south. Strolling nude along cliff face and over heath. Two waterfalls on way. The descent to Garie is great, going down like a native, and brown all over by this time. How we should all do it – forget Werrong with lazy sunbathers lying inert in the sun. The whole coastal track belongs to us – we Gymnos Aquatic Bushwalkers.


  11. only 2 of us ended up doing a walk but it was perfect weather! We did the walk where you went in these pictures and then we did the Lockyers Rd down in Hartley Vale. Anyone here on Truenudists.com ? if so, ask me my ID there privately and meet up with more nudists who want to do walks.

      1. oh yer how funny would it be to come accross another nude person in the bush! 🙂 Def let’s try to organise a walking group one day very soon. I am trying my best to find people on truenudists.com

  12. Hiking nude is the best! I love the boldness of leaving my clothes in the car (or even at home). It adds a sense of vulnerability to be exposed without the option to cover up. More than once we have stayed nude for the drive home, giving a thrill at the coffee kiosk!

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